a group of resourceful fifth graders came up with a workable plan to overhaul the town's inefficient recycling center

ingenious, enterprising, inventive, creative; clever, talented, able, capable; informal clueful
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  • Resourceful — Re*source ful ( f?l), a. Full of resources. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • resourceful — I adjective able, able to meet situations, accomplished, adroit, apt, artful, bright, callidus, capable, clever, competent, conversant, crafty, creative, cunning, deft, dexterous, efficient, endowed, enterprising, experienced, facile, felicitous …   Law dictionary

  • resourceful — 1851, from RESOURCE (Cf. resource) + FUL (Cf. ful). Related: Resourcefully; resourcefulness …   Etymology dictionary

  • resourceful — [adj] imaginative able, active, adventurous, aggressive, bright, capable, clever, creative, enterprising, ingenious, intelligent, inventive, original, quick witted, sharp, talented, venturesome; concept 402 Ant. dull, uncreative, unimaginative,… …   New thesaurus

  • resourceful — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ able to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. DERIVATIVES resourcefully adverb resourcefulness noun …   English terms dictionary

  • resourceful — [ri sôrs′fəl, rizôrs′fəl] adj. full of resource; able to deal creatively and effectively with problems, difficulties, etc. resourcefully adv. resourcefulness n …   English World dictionary

  • resourceful — [[t]rɪzɔ͟ː(r)sfʊl[/t]] ADJ GRADED Someone who is resourceful is good at finding ways of dealing with problems. He was amazingly inventive and resourceful, and played a major role in my career... Her mother was a resourceful and energetic woman.… …   English dictionary

  • resourceful — adjective having inner resources; adroit or imaginative someone who is resourceful is capable of dealing with difficult situations an able and resourceful politician the most resourceful cook in town • Similar to: ↑capable • Derivationally… …   Useful english dictionary

  • resourceful — adjective Date: 1851 able to meet situations ; capable of devising ways and means < a resourceful leader > • resourcefully adverb • resourcefulness noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • resourceful — adjective Capable or clever; able to put available resources to efficient or ingenious use; using materials at hand wisely or efficiently. With a resourceful use of space and a fresh coat of paint, the room became a pleasant library with a… …   Wiktionary

  • resourceful — adj. VERBS ▪ be ▪ He is very clever and endlessly resourceful. ADVERB ▪ extremely, fairly, very, etc. ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

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